Day: November 18, 2016

What You Need To Do In Wedding Photography

In wedding photography, it is really important to remember that you will attend a moment where should be the happiest in someone’s life. The emotions will fill the air and space at the venue, so make sure that you and your camera, ready to get the best shots in that moment so people will have a memento of the best time in their life. However, before you start taking photos at wedding, here are things you need to do:

1. Shot list. It is really easy to get carried away in the situation and forget the shot that you really need in wedding photography. You could consult with the couple about shots they want in their wedding that will include everybody they want in the shot. The list will make you get the necessary photos of the wedding without risking the couple dissatisfaction of your service.

2. Coordinate family photo. Hence the name wedding party, people are always looking for fun in a party. The family member will go everywhere looking for fun and it could be handy to gather everyone to do the family photo. You need to have at least one family member that could help you arrange and gather everyone. It will be easier and faster, so everyone could go back to partying, as hard as they want.

3. Visit the location before the wedding. You need to survey the location thoroughly to get the hang of the location plus looking for the best source of light. The light is the most important thing in wedding photography. With surveying before, you will get the best location to take some shots when the big day arrives.

4. Double check and prepare. You really need to make a big preparation plus backup plan because nobody will know what might happen on the day. Everything could go towards the wrong direction, so having a big preparation is the key to success in wedding photography. Always double check your equipment before you leave because you can’t go back and forth to gather them if you forget to bring them with you.

5. Make sure your style meet the couple’s expectation. It is really important to the couple to know the style you have in photography so they know what they pay for. You also need to know what the couple wants to earn by using your service. You need to make sure that their wants and needs fulfilled so both of you will be satisfied.

6. Turn off your camera sound. Once, it will bother the holy ceremony if you keep the sound on. Two, you will easily get candid shot if you turn off the sound of your camera.