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The Professional Tips For The Beginner Wedding Photographers

Here are the pro tips for the new photographers in the wedding photography, that we hope could make us more capable to do our work in the future :

2 Cameras

Renting or buying one more camera would make us easier to capture certain moments. Always carry 2 cameras with the kit or wide lenses, so that you can capture the whole moment or a family photo. While the camera with the semi-telescope or the telescope lens would help you to capture the candid photos that could feature the object expression. It’s recommended for you to use the 55-200mm or 70-300mm.

2 Photographers

Another thing that needs to be considered is to have a photographer partner. One for the formal photos while the other going for the candid ones. It’s almost same with the 2 cameras, however, the task distribution is pretty much clear, and the result would be maximum. Besides that, you won’t be burdened as “the only one” who have to capture the whole moment.