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The Recommended Tips For the Wedding Photography

The wedding photography requires a lot of editing. That’s why it’s recommended for you to use the RAW format. Even though you need to work twice if you’re using this format, due to its large memory consumption and much more, the RAW format has the large variation of settings. Aside from you can get the maximum result, you can also set the light, the contrast, and much more. The RAW format is mandatory for the wedding photography.

One more thing that often could be a technical problem for the wedding photos, it is the light. It’s got two problems, over exposure or under exposure. Besides the ISO setting, diaphragm, or the shutter speed, we also have to set the flash. We could use the bounce (reflection) technique or use a diffuser in order the smoothing the light that has been captured by the camera.

In the wedding ceremony, a photographer needs to be firm to the guests if they’re disturbing the photographer. However, don’t be too stand out, even though you have more freedom to walk around while the ceremony is proceeding.